3,800km submarine cable to connect UK grid to wind/solar plant in Morocco

UK based company Xlinks is in the planning stages of building a 10.5 GW wind and solar power plant in Morocco, which would then be connected to the UK power grid by a submarine cable.

Xlinks are currently in discussions with Moroccan representatives to confirm where the sites would be placed, but once established the facility would consist of 3.5 GW of wind power and 7 GW of solar power.

How would it connect?

The UK would be connected to the complex by 3,800km of high voltage direct current cables, which would become the longest subsea power transmission link in the world.

The cables would cross international waters on four separate occasions, entering the territorial waters of Portugal, Spain and France before then being connected to the UK power network in Alverdiscott, Devon and Pembroke, Wales.

Upon completion, the facility will be expected to contribute 26 TWh of firm and flexible energy to the UK, and service around 7.5% of the UK’s electricity use. The renewable energy will also help with the UK’s journey to net zero.

How much will the energy cost?

Xlinks is planning to offer the energy to the UK through a contract for difference scheme at approximately £0.048/kWh, which is just slightly more than the current off-shore wind price of £0.040, but much less than the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant currently being built.

Should this project go ahead, it is yet more evidence that wind and solar energy are viable alternatives to traditional energy supplies and investment into renewable sources are key to achieving the ambitious net zero targets set by the government.

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3,800km submarine cable to connect UK grid to wind/solar plant in Morocco

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