Are you at risk of skills fade?

We have all kinds of industry people enter Safer at Work training facility for GWO training. From technicians and CTV operators to surveyors, cable pullers and client reps. It is a huge industry with a wide range of professionalism in all areas.

GWO Training

GWO training and certification is the basic training required to access site on an onshore and offshore wind farm. The BST “tickets” include working at height and rescue, first aid, fire awareness, manual handling and sea survival. These are the normal prerequisites for induction on site. Clients request these certifications most of the time irrelevant of the task at hand.

There lies the problem, so many people may not be required to climb but still require the work at height training to access site. They turn up to the courses as a “tick in the box” exercise, normally leaving after the initial two days having really enjoyed themselves and able to go to work safely. However, attending this course for two days, then completing a one day refresher after two years may not be enough! 

Professional Development

In all working environments continuous professional development is encouraged. How many people read an article, look at a video or refresh themselves for their profession? Then why not your GWO training as well?

The GWO gives you the basic tools; it’s up to you as a professional to expand on this and keep up to date. There is a world of information out there; online articles, videos, blogs, health and safety data, forums and trade shows to keep you updated.

Refresher Course

It isn’t good enough just to turn up every two years and say “ I haven’t climbed for two years but I have to do the refresher” . If you “have” to do the refresher or initial training then there must be a defined risk as to why you need to do course in the first place! 

In the event of a rescue; this is not the best time to refresh yourself on how to use a CRD!

So take ten minutes out; refresh yourself! 


If you would like to discuss your GWO refresher requirements or would like to sign up to our H&S and GWO news letter with relevant articles on the GWO subjects then please let us know or sign up. 

Are you at risk of skills fade?

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