Blade Repair and Inspection Renewable Training Network approved

Working in the wind industry is a dynamic environment, especially when training, policy and working practices are changed or amended.

It is important to stay up to date with training and stay ahead of the game with regards to being a valued and employable contractor or team member.

This is why Renewable Turbine Training recommends the Blade Repair and Inspection (BRAI) syllabus. The only course accredited by the industry body, Renewable Training Network.

It is an in depth, five day course covering all aspects of blade repair. The subject areas covered include fault finding and classification, repair process, tools and materials and risk assessments.

This intense course will give you all the skills required to confidently complete a blade inspection and report on fault findings.

The course syllabus has been approved and written by industry leaders in blade inspection and repair.

Clients are wanting to make sure their blades are serviced and repaired to a very high standard. With repair budgets becoming more accountable, its not worth paying twice for a bad repair!

Here at RTT we believe this could and should become a required standard for blade repair technicians. Could this certification become compulsory for access to blade repair? Only time will tell, but we certainly hope so as it will give the repair industry a much needed benchmark.

If you are interested in attending the five day course, dates for our September intake will soon be announced or email us for more information.

Edge repair on wind turbine blade.
Edge repair on wind turbine blade.



Blade Repair and Inspection Renewable Training Network approved

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