Blade Repair technicians start repair campaign


A successful deployment of blade repair teams

Safer At Work were recently involved in some bespoke training for a wind turbine blade repair company. This is nothing new for us as our main focus is on the wind sector, what was different was assisting in the development and training gap analysis for this service provider.

The blade repair company had a strict qualifications framework for the newly recruited repair technicians. To fulfill their operational requirements Safer At Work delivered training in a few areas.

Safer At Work first delivered a bespoke Advanced Rescue course covering Hub access for Wind Turbines. This course also included a session on blade rescue and access. Using our indoor training venue we simulated a casualty rescue that required rescuing from a Nacelle type area.

Another training gap that required fulfilling was the need for a Signaler and Slinger course. Our team developed this to meet the clients needs and made this course wind turbine specific and including international and best practice signals and commands for hauling operations. The course was well received and included both theoretical and practical elements. What was an added bonus to the client was this course was delivered remotely at the clients place of work. This was a huge cost saving in travel and accommodation.

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As well as direct training to the individual technicians Safer At Work has supported in other areas including auditing of equipment, PPE inspection and tracking, ground based inspection training and auditing of certificates and CVs.

The whole project is now ready to mobilize for what looks to be a very busy season. With a large geographical area to cover the blade repair technicians will be starting out on a successful blade repair and inspection campaign very soon.

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Blade Repair technicians start repair campaign

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