Statement Regarding COVID-19 Updated 25-03-2020

STATEMENT 25th March 2020

These certainly are challenging and unprecedented times for everyone.

Our priority is the safety of those attending the training venue and the staff that may come into contact with visitors.

We are also mindful of transmission from those that appear healthy and could pass COVID-19 to those who are less fortunate.

Here at Safer At Work we have evaluated our training delivery and implemented changes;

  • At present Safer At Work is closed for bookings.
  • Training enquiries are still undertaken but will be on a course by course evaluation; number of attendees, essential or non essential.
  • Those attending will require to declare any symptoms; failure to do so may result in a cancellation and/or reschedule
  • We have implemented the following
    • Upon arrival, candidates attending courses will be required to follow our strict attendance policy on COVID-19 , please see our terms and conditions for details
    • Strict hygiene regime at the venue including cleaning of used equipment and facilities
    • Candidates will have to provide their own food or source locally and be mindful of cross contamination on plates, cutlery etc
    • Hand washing regulatory and use of hand gels are advised as with Government advice
  • Self isolation and travel plans of all staff are monitored

GWO Certificate extension.

GWO has released a statement that valid to the 1st June 2020 it has implemented a “grace period” of 60 days after the date of expiry for REFRESHER training. Please read the full statement here.

Based upon the GWO statement; Safer At Work strongly advice those that require REFRESHER training to reevaluate their travel and training needs to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

We are actively looking at ways to deliver training my other means and ways to evaluate skills remotely.  We are working on new products and hope to come out of this situation as a business with a suitable long term training solution.

Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Wishes and Stay safe!

Statement Regarding COVID-19 Updated 25-03-2020

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