GWO Announces trained workforce breaks 100,000 mark

In its annual report, the Global Wind Organisation has announced that they are on track to establish global standards for safety training in the wind industry, with now over 100,000 trained engineers.

Representing 17 wind turbine manufacturers, owners and operators around the world, the GWO has made it its mission to create an injury free work environment in the wind industry, and its annual report shows encouraging signs of doing just that.

This year’s report shows a 12% increase on 2019’s figure of 88,030, meaning that there are now 100,052 GWO trained professionals across the world.

Global figures

  • 75,000+ workers in the EMEA.
  • 13,000+ in the Americas.
  • 10,000+ in the Pacific Asia region.

What are the standards?

The GWO published their first training standard, the Basic Safety Training standard, in 2012 and have published several updates since to ensure the safety of those working in the wind turbine sector.

The standards detail the requirements GWO recommended training providers and courses must meet. By fulfilling these requirements, any training provider with a GWO certificate is deemed competent and knowledgeable.


Safer at Work courses

At Safer at Work, we share the aim of the GWO in ensuring the safety of wind turbine workers. Since 2014, we have strived to close the skills gap in the renewables sector and can provide a number of GWO accredited courses, such as GWO Working at Height & Rescue, and GWO Blade Repair.

You can find out more about the courses we offer by clicking here, or if you’d like to get in contact with us, you can call on +44 (0)330 660 0959, or email us at info@saferatwork.com

GWO Announces trained workforce breaks 100,000 mark

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