GWO Blade Repair standard released

Its been a very interesting and busy week for us at Safer at Work and also on a wider scale for the blade training sector. At home we are delivering an Advanced Blade Repair course for a group of experienced wind technicians from the USA. A very pleasant group who have come to enhance their blade repair knowledge and complete some advanced core repairs, leading and trailing edge repairs.

Our vastly experienced blade repair instructors are seeing that every practical task is completed to a very high standard. This is how we have always run our courses; to a very high standard.

To add weight to this, the Global Wind Organisation has this week released its much anticipated blade repair standard.

The industry has been in need of this for a very long time. There are lots of courses and training organisations that deliver blade repair. However an INTERNATIONAL agreed standard has been finally achieved with the GWO Blade Repair.

Safer At Work was heavily involved in the Renewable UK Blade Repair and Inspection. Unfortunately without national or international recognition of this being to any agreed standard support fell by the wayside. Its great to see the GWO have picked up the baton and worked hard to release this.

Safer At work will be attending the first demo of this course in Bilbao in April, early indications are that we will be aligning our course and achieving approval to deliver this course very soon.

If you would like to find out more about the blade repair courses we deliver or the new GWO Blade Repair standard that has been released then please contact us.

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GWO Blade Repair standard released

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