GWO at home…. top tips for remote skills learning

GWO BST Syllabus training , challenges for remote working.

The GWO Basic Safety Training is an industry specific practical set of modules. How can your team stay current and up to date under the main headings of; working at height, first aid, fire awareness, manual handling and sea survival? Whilst not being able to train as a team under the current constraints due to travel and social distancing?

The five main modules under BST must be maintained to have a safe workforce. However refresher training may be hard to undertake at present and must be assessed on a case by case basis by client and contractor. Training can still be undertaken with strict control of movement, class sizes and of course hygiene. This is based on GWO guidance.

However there may be some cases where the certificate may expire or risk assessed by the individual that certificate expiry is the only option; allowing the individual to attend full training at a later date.

During this down time here are some of our tips how you could address training and keeping your employees up to date around the GWO BST core subjects. If you have any comments we would love to hear them!

Here are our top training tips for your team..

    • Produce an in house article for your team picking up on a recent health and safety issue. You could highlight the learning outcomes and offer an insight to what happened, perhaps interview others and share your work.
    • Research some new equipment for safe working or something that could be used to make your work easier. Anything from a new work at height harness to a different vessel. You could weigh up the pros and cons of each item and submit this to colleagues as a peer review.
    • Get your colleagues to film each other at home performing the Recovery Position! Best sample wins a prize!
  • QUIZ 
    • Everyone loves a good quiz! First Aid, Equipment, Location or vessel based all make good subjects for a quiz. Use google forms to make an easy shareable quiz online that users can submit
    • Upload plans of your work location and discuss different scenarios or evacuation based on numbers and time of day etc
    • Each team member comes up with a medical scenario that requires first aid intervention. Then others email in their answers and discuss how to administer the correct first aid protocol. You could even make this a web call and set a time limit! 
    • Produce a desk top exercise and assign each individual a given task; communications, command, medic, rescuer. Then run a real time desk top scenario but do not give to much information! Each individual has to ask questions and work from the information given, as a team work out priorities and what support they will need. Then hold a “hot debrief” afterwards and give feedback.

There you have it, just some ideas that can help keep your teams skills refreshed under the GWO syllabus while not being onsite. If you wish to add anything or have comments, then please do not hesitate to comment below or email through to admin@saferatwork.com.

Stay Safe!

Safer At Work


GWO at home…. top tips for remote skills learning

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