Vestas UK Expansion Plans Could Generate 2,000 Jobs

The Danish blade manufacturer is in discussions to begin production of the world’s biggest wind turbine blades at a new plant in the northeast of England.

It’s been said that the move could bring almost 2,000 jobs to the region, as Vestas plan to expand on its operations in the country, intending to produce its new model of offshore wind turbine and the new factory.

Development in the UK

Alongside the proposed new factory Vestas are planning to upgrade its current facility on the Isle of Wight to assist with the production of the blades required, and source turbine towers from new British third part manufacturers.

In order for Vestas’s plans to come to fruition, they will need to secure enough orders for its turbines from developers building wind farms in British waters. Clients will first need to bid in a government auction of subsidy contracts that are slated to begin next year.

Offshore investment

Britain is the biggest offshore wind market in the world and is the centre piece in the government’s plans for a green industrial revolution, as well as the journey to net zero.

To this end, the government has pledged to invest £160 million in improving ports so they are able to accommodate new factories, including Teesside and the Humber.

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Vestas UK Expansion Plans Could Generate 2,000 Jobs

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